Eutree solid Pecan hardwood flooring features beautiful floor boards crafted from premium Forest Free pecan lumber. As flooring, pecan is a desirable type of hickory with water resistant durable properties due to its hardness. That hardness also makes it appropriate for high foot traffic spaces. Pecan's typical pattern can make for a striking wide-plank flooring. Single pieces can range from brown heartwood to a light sapwood, with characteristic dark flecks and lines throughout. A clear polyurethane finish is applied to showcase Pecan’s natural beauty.

Product Specifications

Collection: Forest Free
Species: Pecan
Grade: Premium to character, or by request
Cut: Rift, quartersawn, or European by request
Color: Polyurethane
Width: 4"-9" nominal, or by request
Length: RL up to 12', average 7'-8'
Thickness: 3/4"
Finish: Eutree commercial
Construction: Solid
Source: Forest Free
Installation: Glue, nail

Eutree Pecan Rift Quartersawn Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring