Forest Free Deodar cedar Bench

From nuisance tree to modern slab wood bench

A homeowner needs to cut down a magnificent deodar cedar tree because the roots are undermining the house's foundation. A local furniture craftsman knows there's a market for contemporary furniture incorporating slabs of the prized cedar species. It's a perfect opportunity for Eutree to convert the tree into Forest Free material.

The tree is carefully cut and secured by local expert arborist. 

Boutte Tree service safely removes the tree from the homeowner's yard by crane, and the log is then taken to Eutree's mill.

Logs are milled, cut into slabs and kiln dried at Eutree.

After air drying, slabs are removed from the kiln.

Atlanta based furniture maker and craftsman Jesse Beauchamp, creates this unique bench to complement the homeowner's modern aesthetic.

Detail of the jigsaw joint for the I-beam also shows how the bench's design was built around grain patterns and knots. A carefully selected custom cut allowed furniture maker Jesse Beauchamp to integrate the design and the material.