Root-to-Fruit Program

Root-to-Fruit is our term for projects that return the wood back to the property or owner from which it came, giving it new life — often in the same location. Through Eutree's Root-to-Fruit program, we help our clients recycle hazardous or nuisance trees from their own property into slabs for tabletops, wall paneling, flooring or other hardwood products.

The Process

Eutree Root to Fruit Sustainable Hardwood Lumber

Your problem tree is removed by local tree service

Timber from your tree is brought to Eutree

Your tree is returned to you as beautiful items for your home

Prior to tree removal, we typically work with our client to determine the most optimal way to repurpose the tree. Options include wood slabs, hardwood flooring, wood paneling and other hardwood products of the client's choosing, limited only by the size and viability of the tree.

We're also available to work closely with our client and their tree service to assist with the logistics of the tree removal, sorting of logs and transportation to our facility. Once the logs are in Eutree's custody (onsite at our lumber mill), the wood is then sorted and labeled.

What was once a magnificent oak tree became hazardous, recycled into boards for beautiful hardwood flooring.

What was once a magnificent oak tree became hazardous, recycled into boards for beautiful hardwood flooring.

As the cutting, milling and drying process proceeds, we document the process and provide updates to the client along the way. We also encourage our clients to come visit during any part of the process. 

When the finished product is ready for pick-up, we notify our client and/or the furniture maker, and the tree is returned back to the client in the form of beautiful hardwood flooring, paneling or a tabletop that can be enjoyed for years to come — and with a unique story to tell.

We've built relationships both with tree services and some of the finest furniture craftsmen in Georgia to help complete the Root-to-Fruit cycle. Click on our Partners page to view a list of local tree services as well as recommended furniture makers to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

If you're interested in a free consultation to learn if your tree(s) could benefit from Eutree's Root-to-Fruit Program tell us more by using our Plan Your Project form, or call us at 678-313-4110 to learn more.

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