Hooch Haven

Hazardous white oak to Forest Free hardwood flooring

A white oak tree in Atlanta suburb became hazardous and had to be removed.  The white oak was rotting at its base and threatening to topple on the house next to it. The owner wanted to install new flooring in a separate house she owned, also in metro Atlanta. That made the project a good candidate for Eutree's Root-to-Fruit program.

The white oak loomed over the house owned by Eutree's client.

Local tree service is brought in to safely remove tree with crane.

Three logs between 8-feet and 12-feet long are delivered to the Eutree mill just outside the city.

After the logs were canted, or "squared off", they were ready to be sawn into planks.

The rough lumber is stacked with "stickers" between each layer. The stickers create spacing which permits airflow between the lumber and allows it to dry once inside the kiln.

This wide-plank flooring is variable in width of 5, 6, and 7 inches. The lengths are 2-12 feet with an average length of 8 feet.

The grade is a mix of character and premium.

Finished product: Eutree Forest Free white oak wide plank hardwood flooring.