Red Oak

Eutree solid Red Oak hardwood flooring features beautiful floor boards crafted from premium Forest Free red oak lumber. Prized for its lasting durability and timeless beauty, Red Oak has a distinct wavy grain and subtle reddish hue. The wood is rift and quartered revealing its radial and vertical grain pattern. Options include all quarter sawn grain, all rift grain, a blend of the two, or European cut. Ask us about our custom finishes for Red Oak flooring.

Product Specifications

Collection: Forest Free
Species: Red Oak
Grade: Premium to character, or by request
Cut: Rift, quartersawn, or European by request
Color: Unfinished
Width: 4"-9" nominal, or by request
Length: RL up to 12', average 7'-8'
Thickness: 3/4"
Finish: Unfinished
Construction: Solid
Source: Forest Free
Installation: Glue, nail

Eutree Red Oak Rift Quartersawn Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring