Basalt paneling features charred wood panel boards for interior and exterior in the traditional Shou Sugi Ban style also known as "yakisugi". The heavily charred surface of the board makes the wood fire retardant, durable as well as resistant to rot, insects and decay. The beauty of Basalt's handcrafted charred panel boards lends an elemental and modernist aesthetic to any space.

Product Specifications

Collection: Shou Sugi Ban
Species: Spruce
Grade: Premium to character
Surface: Charred
Cut: Mixed
Color: Color variation inherent
Width: 4"-10" nominal, or by request
Length: RL up to 12', average 7'-8'
Thickness: 3/4"
Finish: Eutree commercial
Construction: Solid
Source: Commercial
Installation: Glue, trim nail

Eutree Basalt Shou Sugi Ban.JPEG