Posts and beams

Eutree Forest Free Ceiling Post and Beams

Exposed posts and beams convey natural strength and inner beauty like nothing else. Eutree is uniquely positioned to provide those formidable timbers for both exterior and interior uses.

For such exterior uses as deck posts and beams, we recommend heartwood cuts of rough-sawn white oak, which nicely matches white oak decking. Inside the building, white oak, pecan, circle-sawn pine and other hardwoods make for excellent posts or beams — each species provides its own unique look.

Slow-growing hardwoods and pine species are almost always much stronger than the commercial-grade pine species that are typically available at lumber yards, so they bear weight more easily. They're a good bit heavier as well.

To create these unique timbers, we hand-pick Forest Free logs, and select the cuts to match the dimensions of the logs themselves. When possible, we select specific logs for specific beams or posts. Both structural factors and aesthetics are considered in the selection process. We can cut dimensional surfaces as wide as you could want — up to 60 inches wide or deep — and as long as 19 feet.

If your project might benefit from natural posts or beams, or if you'd simply like to learn more, contact us by using our Plan Your Project form.

Forest Free Posts and Beams